Mohanty Umacharan

Prof. Mohanty is a Professor at CAS/ IITD. He was also its Chair. He is one of the most distinguished meteorological scientists in India and a world renowned authority on monsoon processes. He is sought for several key leadership roles in and beyond India. Some examples include: Convenor of the recently formed core group on Tropical Cyclones for the National Disaster Mitigation Authority (equivalent to FEMA). Chief Scientist and national coordinator for several multi-institutional experiments and programs related to weather, and monsoon. Starting this year Prof. Mohanty is a lead coordinator for India Ministry of Agriculture for climate risks in agriculture applications for India. There are 4 partners globally on this project - Columbia Univ US; European Center for Medium range Weather Forecasting (UK and France); Hadley center for Climate (UK); and Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (Thailand). Co-PI for a US AID project on tropical cyclones and extreme/ high impact weather events implemented by NOAA/ National Weather Service International Office. Supported by US Office of Naval Research for last 15 years on various aspects of monsoons and tropical processes.