Daniel Bowman

I was born in Elkhart, IN, and moved to Granger, IN before I was in grade school. I learned to read and do math early and quickly became interested in space/weather/sciences. Throughout my schooling, I continually excelled at science and knew that I wanted to make a contribution someday. In high school, my senior year, I took a course in Earth/Space Sciences and did really well and enjoyed every aspect of the material. However, in the pursuit of money I chose to try a degree in physics. After dropping physics my first semester at Purdue University, I tried two other majors: Electrical Engineering and Civil Engineering, before finally remembering how much I loved meteorology and how it's always been a part of me. I finally dropped the notion on "money = happiness" and decided to become a meteorology major because that's what I enjoyed the most. This is the major that I will remain in for sure! Since January '06, I've been to the American Meteorological Society in Atlanta, GA, landed a job at the Indiana State Climate Office, and have begun research on La Niņa and other climate-related things, and soon on a few-person research paper. Part of my job at the Indiana State Climate Office is to answer data requests for companies (or people) that need weather information over certain time spans, and the other part is to assist in researching various peoples' projects.

E-mail: ddbowman@purdue.edu